Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brothers - Les Rhymes Digital

I was not the athletic, outgoing type in high school or college. In high school, I was on the gymnastic team and played the valuable role of the team bench warmer. In college, I buried my head in my books and tried not to make eye contact with my fellow students. But perhaps if I had gone to Howard, perhaps things would be different. Perhaps, I would have auditioned to be an Ooh La La Girl. Simply, because it looks like fun. "Oooooh la laaaa!"

Last week I had the pleasure of working as an audio assistant (A2) at Howard's Homecoming. While it was a long weekend of work (I told you I had been busy), it was also filled with ample opportunities for photo opportunities. Howard Homecoming's are like none other, complete with half time show, celebs and who can forget their AMAZING marching band? Here's Terrence Howard dressed like a member of the band and probably feeling remarkably foolish.

The entire student body comes out in their finest wear and I now believe Howard University might just be the most trendiest campus I've ever visited on the East coast. Those kids need a fashion blog of their own because they're on top of it.

These two made me smile, they were so colourful. Clearly best friends, standing together, huddled in the cold.

This little dude, always wears nice scarves and soft sweaters with cords. He was one of my most favourite people to make chit chat with. In regards to denim was both say "in eBay, we trust".

Random? Yes. Awesome? That too.

This guy actually flagged me down and demanded that I take his picture. So, I did. He looked nice and I probably would have asked. Than he wanted me to take a picture with him on his camera. And I ran away.

A classic look, that's always a little fresh. Blazer with jeans.

I liked his cardi. It was bought at Banana Republic on sale.

And. . . you know you're cool when you can make a blanket look stylish. Rock on student body of Howard!


Chubbs said...

Awwww, my alma mater. I still don't miss it...but I do love your pics...and still have love for the marching band :-)

K.Line said...

The woman in the jeans, the guy with the scarf (HOT) and the guy in the BR sweater are my faves. Very stylish!

Lady Di said...

The guy in the HU band uniform looks like Terrance Howard, to me. But I am a lil under the weather. I'm here for another reason as I read a post you made on Wendy's Blog. Hope you'll visit mine to chat. Thanks!!