Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homeward - The Sundays

To know me is to love me.
To love me is to understand me.
To understand me is to look at my bookshelf.
To look at my bookshelf is to know. . .

. . .that I am obsessed with the way people live.

As the winter months roll in like white fog, I become more and more obsessed with the idea of cozy nesting. I cannot wait to have a perfect little place, just the way I like it. The Selby provides adequate eye candy to those suffering from the same voyeuristic ailment. Fair warning, you might want to browse for hours.

If Kenyan and Grace are not one of the most beautiful couples you have ever seen, it's because you have no eyes. . .

PS- A lot of the Londoners live in my old hood. God, do I ever miss it.

(All photos: The Selby )


sparkleandglitter said...

I love those paper cranes, I rather want to make something similar!

K.Line said...

Honestly, they are perfect gorgeous together. And that house is also perfect. And I'm feeling status and coolness anxiety.

Chubbs said...

ohhh that IS a beautiful couple. I'm a bit obsessed with lovely duos. and even more obsessed with how they "found" one another.

Audrey said...

Great couple and I love the trunk they're sitting on!!