Monday, October 6, 2008

I Don't Like It Like This - The Radio Dept.

Peas sent me this amazing article about hipsters. It's causing quite a stir on the internet.

I was explaining to someone recently that if I had to pick between a party flooded with hipsters and a party flooded with drunken, sports bar types. . . I'd pick the latter. The word "hipster" has this negative connotation surrounding it which relates to the epitome of judgemental snottiness which we once reserved for the preppies of the 80's. The sucky people who once shopped at A&F and teased me in high school for liking "crazy electronic music", now shop at Urban Outfitters and line up for Thievery Corporation tickets. WTF?

I think it all comes down to your attitude. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look fashionable and enjoying the superficial things in life. However you don't have the right to parade around with your thumb up your derriere looking down your nose at everyone else. Sure, Peas and I love Acne denim, New Order and thrift store raiding. But we also spend a large amount of time laughing at ourselves. We don't go to fun parties, pout the entire time until someone pulls out a camera in which we attempt to look "ironic". And we'll talk to anyone. Even if you're batshit crazy. Double points for trying to sell us pornographic DVDs out of a trash bag. Extra credit for telling us you're going to storm the White House with Jane Fonda.


Sometimes it would seem music snobbery directly correlates to being a hipster. Lemme try and break this down in a way that doesn't sound horribly snotty. I really love music. . . hence my blog titles. I talk music regularly with friends all over the world. I street teamed for Astralwerks when I was a wee youngin'. I really enjoy both Dalston Oxfam and Dazed Digital (not that original, I know) for hearing new sounds. So when someone raves on and on to me about how great the Hot Chip concert is going to be. . . no disrespect to Hot Chip. . . they're still awesome. But would you rant on and on to someone who's really passionate about cooking, urging them to check out this amazing, new place called "Whole Foods Market"? Exactly.

Plus, I don't like packed shows. It's not fun to get trampled by a bunch of drunk jerks. When bands get popular and shows sell out, the asshole ratio rises greatly. So I'll just sit this one out, thanks.

(Even Playmobil has hipsters)


I just started hanging out with this guy. He is my polar opposite. I relish in the fact that he has never set foot in an American Apparel and doesn't spend more time on his hair than I do. He picked me up from the bus stop last week and this was our conversation:

Him - Nice flannel Farmer Joe.
Me- Nice buzz cut, Mr. Marine.
Him - I'm liking the shoes, Pocahontas.
Me- Well I prefer them to those Oakleys you're sporting.

And none of it matters, because we laugh a lot together. That's what matters.

(Photos: Cobra Snake. . . surprised? )


ambika said...

I think the thing that bothered me most about this article was their claim that creativity had pretty much died with this boom of this trend/look/movement. Because people use iPods to 'dj' and take photos at parties & pass themselves off as professions photographers doesn't mean creativity is dead among the 18-35 demographic. Given all of the people I know who do make things, it just struck me as laziness on the writer's part to make such a broad generalization.

K.Line said...

Hey - tagged you on my blog. Post will be up later today...