Friday, October 3, 2008

Les Barricades Myterious - Patricia Mabee

It's weird how three years ago, designer handbags were the thing to buy. . . but now something about buying one seems a bit gauche. With all the eco-tote options, it seems sort of pointless to lug around a heavy luxury handbag. However, this red lovely from Bluefly , by Chloe, did catch my eye, this morning. And today there's a 10% off sale. . . but then again, when is Bluefly, not having a sale? They are a sale enthusiastic site. And there's nothing from with that.

(Photo: Bluefly )


Chubbs said...

oooh, it is just me, or does that bag look like a big piece of strawberry candy?

Annie said...

I can totally imagine you with that bag.