Monday, October 27, 2008

Opus 17 - Dustin O'Halloran (from the Marie Antoinette soundtrack)

As much as I love the coincidences which regularly occur in my daily life, I'm also a fan of the extremes. One day I'm grooving to Howard's marching band rendition of Estelle's "American Boy" and the next day, I'm dancing a jig on the table at the Maryland Renaissance Festival . Sweet jesus, am I ever a dork. At the Renaissance Festival you. . .

. . . look at all the purty ladies and realize that if you lived during that time period, you probably would have been a courtesan and you might have liked it. . .

. . . eat it fried. . . everything. . .

. . . march out with the band at sunset.

In the middle of my sundown jig, a man tugged on the sleeve of my jacket. I looked down.

"So, we're both black, huh? Not too many of us, around here".

I smiled, nodded and resumed my jig. Dorks come in every colour, shape and size, kind sir.

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