Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Orgone (Live) - Miles Davis & Quincy Jones

My friend Monica is a pillar of practicality. She buys shoes and clothes on a need basis and every house item which she purchases, I marvel at. As the colder weather leers nearer, I realize that every time I seem to leave my house, I always have something warm in my hands (usually tea). It helps me to come alive. Something about running through the streets with a coffee cup in my hand, reminds me of happy busy times (when I can afford to buy coffee/tea). This would be a good addition to my other mugs.


Every year I buy cool calendars and every year I neglect to use my cool calendars. . . but it doesn't stop me from buying them. I don't even know where I would put this Stendig calendar . I have no room on my walls. I have no office. The kitchen would be cool. . .

(Photos: Amazon and La Garconne )


K.Line said...

The cup is lovely but I've held one and I have to say it's a) heavy and b) fragile-seeming (it's the kind of thing that'll shatter if you drop it.) I was all set to buy one but I put it back. I'd be interested to see how you enjoy it.

etoilee8 said...

k. line, this is why blogging is so important! Because other people's opinions are really quite useful. You just kept it real for me. . . Im generally a bull in a china shop. That thing would be broken in about two days.