Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So Weit - Urbs

From age ten until age 21, I carried the weight of a full grown woman on me. I jumped from being a very slender child to a heavy set preteen. This weight stayed with me until I reached age 20 when my metabolism picked up, my appetite shrunk and I became a more active individual. Because of this eleven year void where I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, I rarely wore anything tight or clingy. My wardrobe is absent of any thong underwear (thank god for that, I find them hideous). But many things which I buy now are a first for me, for example, my first bikini was purchased a few years ago. Just two days ago, my very first clingy dress, from H&M. I woke up this morning and began chanting my favourite new mantra, "suck in your gut, suck in your gut".

BUT. . .
I spent so much focusing on my gut mantra that I forgot to remind myself to not wear the bunchiest, bulkiest underwear I could find. Unfortunately I didn't notice it until I was a long ways from home. Way to ruin it. Goooooooo me!

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