Saturday, November 1, 2008

Changes - Seu Jorge (David Bowie)

As I get ready to embark on the busiest week of my calendar year of work, I bid you goodbye momentarily. When I next see you, America will have a new president. And if the winds of change blow in a beautiful, positive way, that president will be Barack Obama.

I want nothing more, than to see a president who looks a little like me, in this lifetime. I want someone who might understand my situation. I want someone who wants peace, happiness, goodwill to man and a more even playing field for all of us (not just those of us who already have piles of money). I want to tell my children how America stepped up to the plate and changed for the better. I want to tell their children. I want this country to win back the love and appreciation of the other inhabitants of this earth. Please vote (for Obama). xo

Changes - Seu Jorge

(Postcard: Post Secret )


Chubbs said...

i have butterflies in my stomach about Tuesday. Do you? I will miss your posting...see you soon. xoxo

etoilee8 said...

Chubbs I am so nervous! You have no idea. I will be up in New York in about 3-4 weeks. I can't wait to hang out with you again. xoxo.

K.Line said...

Well, as a dual American / Canadian (born in US), I have done my part to make your wish a reality. And trust me, he may look like you (I can totally appreciate how meaningful that is) - but somehow I feel, just based on his inclusive demeanor (and smart policies), that he looks like me too :-)

typographic darling said...

is this the track i should use for you for mix mix? haha.

Mike said...

Hey there,
My name is Michael and i live in Los Angeles. Somehow I stumbled upon your blog and was encouraged by it. Just wanted to let you know. I also lived outside the US for a bit, have strugled with where to live, and am excited aobut our new president . I appreciate your writing and interests. I've also got a friend who just moved to DC (after living in the Carribian after moving form LA). My friends name is JoAnn and she is the best graphic designer I know (though I can't tell her that). She is a little nervous about the move and doesn't know many people but It looks like the two of you are almost identical personalities. This all could be a random stumbling into a blog that led to a good friendship for you. Aside from the random stranger weirdness of this comment I'll leave you my email if you'd be willing to give JoAnn a ring. If not no worries. it's

etoilee8 said...

Whew. Everyone breathe easy now. We did it (yup, everyone. . . definitely you too dual citizen K. Line). Mike, of course your friend can contact me.