Friday, November 14, 2008

Ice Cold Daydream - Shuggie Otis

Oh Gwyneth! The first time I was in the same room with you it was in 1999 at the White House for the VH1 Concert of the Millinneum. My father had allowed me to take off high school in order to work as a production assistant on the show (which worked out because I was a piss poor student anyway).

I really REALLY wanted to like you despite all the stuff the press printed about your shitty attitude and snotty ways. But right on cue, you came across as icy, aloof and miserable. I didn't even want to make eye contact with you. I was afraid you would sneer at me. Maybe you were just having a rough week. Or maybe your Miu Miu's (which looked pretty painful) were stabbing your feet? Who knows? But no denying. . . I still/will always love your style. Got Goop ?

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Peas said...

'Ice cold day dream".....haha.....I love her style.