Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've Seen That Face Before - Grace Jones

I adore my new hooded Complex Geometries dress and have worn it non stop since it arrived last week (that is. . . once I figured out how to put it on, which proved itself to be quite the trial at first). I wore it to ballet yesterday because it's breezy, floaty and easy to wear. One of my fellow dance acquaintances always demands to know, how much I pay for my clothing. I know it's complimentary but I do think it's a very gauche question (unless it's being asked by someone under the age of 18). I generally tell people, because I don't want to come across as snotty but then it backfires because they think I'm snotty for spending that amount of money on apparel. Which I think is totally judgemental. I don't judge them for the amount of times they eat out or go drinking (which adds up, just like clothing). I don't know a witty way to avoid it. I mean if I want to know what someone pays for something, I simply get the brand name and look it up online. Why can't she do that?

I rather enjoy my hooded frocks and tops. I know someone else who does too. What would the glamourous Grace Jones do in this situation?


Amanda said...

oh i love that on you! i've been planning on purchasing a complex geometries piece for awhile--just gotta figure out which one

jdp said...

One word: Afterbirth. Grace Jones literally cops a squat and dumps internal organs on the haters while wearing a dress of thorns. Too much?