Thursday, November 13, 2008

On The Sly - Metric

One young assistant to a magazine editor was sporting this amazing cloak like jacket on her Facebook photo. (We met at a magazine in New York and bonded over dog walking responsibilities and stress). When I acquired as to who made it, she responded quickly and happily.


The jacket is from Catherine Holstein, she just had a sample sale and it was crazy marked down!"

Oh. This jacket.

It looks way cooler on my friend than it does on the pouty faced model, don't you agree? Times like this I miss New York. I absolutely never make it to any sample sales these days. But when I lived in New York, I never had any spare cash to play with for moderately priced fashion. Isn't that the pits? So, if I'm going to pay dearly, I would probably go with this Camilla and Marc jacket.

I love a red jacket.

(Photos: friends facebook page, Saks Fifth Avenue and Net-A-Porter )


K.Line said...

I love that Metric song. Love. And I love the jacket.

Anonymous said...

I prefer: