Friday, November 21, 2008

Push It - Salt N'Pepper

I love, LOVE, LOVE this dress. I love it because it walks that very fine line between hot 80's prom dress mess and just plain old hot.

Or maybe I love it because it reminds me of something Patrice MacDowell would sport (and you know she'd have some dangley matching earrings). You know Patrice. . . the slightly bratty but way more awesome than Lisa, younger sister in Coming to America. Patrice had flare, attitude and the hots for men with money. And in her infamously bratty way, declares "Why does SHE always get the good ones!"

The 80's were great times.

(Photos: Chick Downtown , The Fashion Police and Mr. Skin )


Annie said...

Lol, it's definitely more subdued than the 80's ones but still bold.

etoilee8 said...

It is a bit calmer, but those sleeves are pretty 80's rad.

InstantVintage said...

That dress is so Patrice. LOL.

jdp said...

Wait, which photo came from Mr. Skin?