Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rabbit Fur Coat - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

"Assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups" - Anonymous

I heard the motor of the UPS truck cut off abruptly in our parking lot. Followed by my mother's usual assumptions that the UPS man was headed to our house. Followed by her assumptions that I had bought something. She assumed right. "What on earth have you bought this time?" she bellowed up to me.

Before the UPS man could touch the doorbell, I ran down the stairs like a spoiled child on Christmas morning, barely managing to contain myself and fighting the urge to shout "Mine, mine! Gimme! Gimme!" My Calvin Klein coat had arrived and beautiful, it was. At first I didn't like the fit, with the snaps, but I realized if I just pulled it tight, and tied it without bothering with the snaps, it fit exactly the way I wanted it. And it was warm and soft. A little too soft. Angora rabbit?!?!? (They didn't state this on the website). Oh dear.

Those of you who know me, know that I'm not big on fur. To each their own, but it's not for me. I secretly think if you wear it, in the next life, you'll come back a mink. And you'll wonder, what it was, specifically, that you did to piss god off, as you're being skinned alive. My mother thought this situation was pretty funny, because I clearly loved the coat, but couldn't stand the idea of wearing something which took ten bunnies to make. She waited about five or ten minutes just to see how far I would compromise my values. But when she realized I was going to send the coat back, she suggested, I look up Angora rabbits before I act hastily.

The coat is mine. Everybody wins.

(Photos: Calvin Klein and Wikipedia )


Chubbs said...

I really like this's the perfect go-with-everything, classic winter coat. And I love that Jenny Lewis song...well, maybe I just love Jenny Lewis.

K.Line said...

Ha! Next time you wanna know if they kill the critters to make the garment, give me a shout! :-)

InstantVintage said...

Your mom is great for making you looks that up. I thought it was a cat at first.

I love a guilt free keeper. =)

Dahveed said...

What coat is that exactly? I'd like to get it for my girlfriend.

etoilee8 said...

It's this one:
And it's now waaaaaaaay cheaper than I paid! Get on in there. . .