Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's The Use of Feet If You Haven't Got Legs - Telefon Tel Aviv

Every time you hear the ring of a cash register, followed by a deeply satisfied sigh, that my friends, is the sound of another blogger, getting their first pair of Marni shoes. It's way better than when an angel gets their wings! I feel like I have joined the ranks of super tall girls, but 'tis a dangerous path I tread upon. Fall off these skyscrapers and bones are broken, ankles are snapped. So I've been practicing day and night.

While the recession has greatly brought down the cost of luxury goods, I still think twice before plunking down a large amounts of cash on material items. But I don't think I could ever afford shoes such as these normally. . . so I indulged. I did leave the store to run some errands and truly think about my actions. But I came charging back to Neiman Marcus, one hour later. As soon as I came storming through the door, the sales assistant who had been helping me, gave me a knowing/smug smile. I shouted "Scottie, RING ME UP".

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Say It All - Sondre Lerche

There are very few things which we can control in life. We like to think we are in control, but the truth is, you're sitting back and taking a ride. You can't control how someone feels about you or how you feel. But you can take charge of the t-shirt you wear and what you project to the world. And thank god for Anzevino and Florence . Aside from making beautiful Mary Poppins style party dresses, from Italian memory fabric (you have to feel it to understand it), Anzevino and Florence also has a variety of t-shirts which are quite suiting for my recent moods. Why bother with that awkward conversation when you can just wear your message on your t-shirt, along with your heart on your sleeve? I want one of each.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

City Girl - Kevin Shields

God I love when someone returns something which is practically a season old to a store. I know the store loses. . . but when it's a $200 APC corduroy skirt marked down to $50, I win.

Truthfully, I never fancy wearing much brown but this skirt looks nice with thrifted blazers, collared shirts and over sized sweaters. The possibilities are endless.

Plus, it reminds me a bit of Scarlett Johansson's wardrobe from Lost in Translation, which my father finally watched after years of me telling him "you've really got to watch this film. . . you will love it". He loved it. . . as I expected.

(Photo: La Garconne has this skirt in a size 8 right now. It's not $50, but it is on sale, if you're at all interested. . . )

Friday, December 26, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Over - Bent

Do not believe my family when we tell you, it's a "no present" Christmas. We are 100% full of shit. Every last one of us went out and purchased thoughtful presents. It's not even about spending money. . . it's about the joy you get when you see someone pleased with the present you've given them. (Okay, maaaaaaybe I do get a little kick out of spending money). But we didn't go all out like we have in the past. Okay, well some of us did (I didn't. . . and I felt like my presents looked really puny in comparison). Most glamourous present was given to me by Cornpuddin' who gifted me a set of rainbow coloured eyeliners and a tube of Diorshow mascara. And let me just tell you. Believe the hype. Because it really is that good. Even better.

Most humourous (yet still incredibly thoughtful) present goes to Ishe who got me some hoity toity tea and stuffed an envelop full of cash and coupons for my favourite local fabric store. Next year I'm hoping for coupons and food stamps. . . which will totally come in handy if I am living on my own at that point. She and Jamesy love giving me paper for Christmas. Last year, it was a print off of a pattern book I would be receiving in the mail from Amazon . They had cleverly written "I'm coming", on it. . . which is the often grumpy/snappy catchphrase which accompanies my constant tardiness.

Most generous present goes to Mum and Dad, who gave me some cash to put towards ballet. I'll certainly put that to good use.

Most jinxy (yup, I made that up), present comes from Jamesy who got me a J. Crew gift card. Little did he know, he'd be receiving the exact same thing from Cornpuddin' and I.

Most surprising present comes from that boy. The ballet book is beautiful. But let's talk about the socks. Socks. Not surprising in a bad way. . . but surprising because I actually love them. Didn't want to take them off all day, to be honest. Socks are something which seem rather safe, bland and a little on the impersonal side of things. (They're usually given along side high cut cotton underwear from your Grandma). But something about these socks felt strangely personal. (Perhaps because I know he's a sock enthusiast). All day as I wiggled my toasty toes in my boots, I kept thinking "I could get use to this cashmere blend business". Yeah, yeah, ten points for you. And with that, I'm happy Christmas is over. What a bunch of malarkey for one stupid day.

Cosmia - Joanna Newsome

The very cool Swedish label, Permanent Vacation , has recently added a gallery to their blog with illustration by Hanna Terese. I think this is a pretty clever way of promoting apparel. Illustration allows us to fantasize a bit. Every time I look at these sketches, I can't help but to think "Hej, hej, Kajsa!"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt

This would appear to be an awful month for my favourite bombshells. This morning (afternoon?) when my sister announced to my Mum and I that Eartha Kitt had died (as she received the news via her PDA), we all shouted "Nooooooo!!!" We love Eartha Kitt in this household and it definitely put a little damper on our holiday.

Besides that crummy news, I had an excellent, low key Christmas surrounded by family and someone new, special and dear. Yup, that's you, D. Now quit reading my incessant rambling.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Down Under - Blonde Redhead

It would appear that this tote from Anastasia Boutique is probably about as close as I'm going to come to my precious Comme Des Garcons wool tote bag. I even called Dover Street Market in London. That's how crazed I became over the bags which got away. Sometimes I can be really ridiculous about obtaining a certain item. And when I do, I usually think in my head "Ha ha! I win!" Sad, I know.

It looks as if the style is about the same, but it's made out of nylon instead of wool. I'm probably going to throw out my previous Topshop pleather tote bag from four years ago (as it's seen it's days and the handles are cracking). . . so this could possibly be a good replacement.

(Photo: Anastasia Boutique )

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Modesty - Frost

I am so lucky to have amazing friends. One of my dear friends started the tradition of randomly texting the word "hussy" to my phone, whenever it is known that I am indeed on a date. It's not so much that I am a hussy, more so that the word is hilarious. So as I'm quietly trying to stifle my giggles, my date looks at me funny and asks, what's so funny. If you say "nothing" they assume you are giggling at them, thus the date is ruined. If you tell them your friend sent you a text that simply says "hussy", they look at you differently thus the date is ruined. Thanks friends! Well my last date, thought it was pretty funny. He's a keeper, ladies and gentlemen. I need these magical Zero + Maria Cornejo fingerless gloves. They are so ladylike and edgy, they proudly declare, "no hussy here!"

(Photo: Barneys.com )

Colours the Soul - Coldcut

The sunsets still have that beautiful wintry hue of pinks and purples, but the weather has been happily mild and not bitter cold. I fear it's the effects of global warming and feel quite guilty enjoying the sunny weather. What a double edged sword.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Champagne Nibbler - Mr. Scruff

I attend parties during the holiday season every year. And every year, like the last, I absolutely dread it, the week before the festivities kick off. I'm so happy and jovial when I'm clicking "yes" to the Evites, which come flying in during the latter half of November. I wax poetic about the holidays, hanging out, being warm in cozy in someone's living room. The reality is that I'm not a fan of forced human interaction and awkward conversation making. (And sometimes I long for the perfect arm candy to bring along). But I am a fan of dressing up! Unfortunately, I never plan early enough into the season to come up with something which isn't entirely thrown together in the span of ten minutes. But this year, if money were no object, I'd go with this swell dress and any of these necklaces from Topshop .

(Photos: La Garconne and Topshop )

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Yiruma

Dear Bettie Page,

Thank you for helping the world to lighten up a bit.
Thank you for helping me to understand that impure thoughts does not equal an impure person.
Thank you for helping me to be comfortable with my womanly hips.
Thank you for being kind to people of a colour in a time when that was considered gauche.
Thank you for leaving your mark on the world in a way which hurt no one. (Well except the person receiving the spanking. But they liked it).

Sweet dreams, Bettie Page.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Yiruma

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Corsair - Boards of Canada

I haven't treated myself to something decadently materialistic in ages (although I do eat out far too much). Ever since my family declared it a "no presents" Christmas (that's when you know you're truly an adult), I've just lost a lot of interest in consumerism. I am generally unexcited about most of the items I spot in stores. Things blend together into this season and last season, pieces resemble that which I already have in my wardrobe, retail is fairly unexciting and what's worse, retail is suffering, as I'm clearly not the only one that shares that attitude during this time of recession. I've tried to stay away from the crazy sales in fear of impulse "but it's really cheap", purchases. Instead I take my influences (in this case Comme Des Garcons) and go to work on my sewing machine. I love the way this project turned out. I just have to get better at accepting praise when I tell people, I made it myself. I want to be that cool girl that smiles, winks and says "What? This? It was nothing. . . something I threw together with scraps". Instead of the girl who blushes deeply and meekly says "thank you".

I did get these new hair accessories (2) on sale for $4.99 at that place . It was a good deal being that they were originally $16.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm In Love With A German Film Star - The Passions

I'm in love with a British art star, I never saw her in a bar. And thank god, she might have been rude like some other artist I once saw in a bar. I had no clue that Sam Taylor Wood could sing. When I lived in London, I never missed a show of her's at the White Cube .

Normally I want to hate people like her. Just absolutely resent them for being so multi-talented but I really enjoy her work. A friend of mine, worked under her on a project once and recalled she was icy and dismissive. I pray to god that she's getting her art stars mixed up but then again. . . I have yet to meet the un-cranky artist. I know everyone's got their off days, but the art world's a whole different cup of tea in regards to moods. The song is below in the video. It's gorgeous.

(Photos: Baltic . . . who Sofie once designed some t-shirts for)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lotus Above Water - Telefon Tel Aviv

I believe that art is 20% about the artist and 80% about being relatable to the audience. Sure, an internal struggle projected on to a medium is wonderful for one's soul. . . but I think the audience being able to relate, only adds to the art. What I love about Nicholas Hughes' water photographs is that he captures H2O in a way which invokes specific days at the beach in my memory. No matter how many different ways I fiddled around with my F Stop, I just could never get the colour and light perfect. Somehow, he just does.

(Photos: Nicolas Hughes.net )

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Strip - King Midas

I can never figure out whether Great Britain or the US is more guilty of endorsing spoiled, rock and roll offspring who have no real goals in life, besides being famous (because y'know, they're entitled to it). Well I'm pleased to admit, Britain, you have us beat. And Tatler, I love you, but I hate you for crap like this. I know that's your whole goal, congratulating the wealthy for being wealthy (as if they weren't self congratulatory enough), but did anyone ever tell you that agenda kind of sucks?

Great winter fashion trends? Ummm, wearing clothes, is a good start. You know how there's good naked and bad naked? This would fall in the category of "bad". I don't want to see any of these ladies naked. What is going on with their knees? Their legs look a tangled mess, like a game of Twister with a contortionist. Bad naked. Bad.

(Photo: D. Listed )

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Over The Water - The Cardigans

Today I went house hunting with my older sister Aisha. Our first stop was Hickory Cluster, exactly one neighborhood from my current resident (in the house which I grew up in, with the parents). Both my sister and I are looking to buy in the near future, but I unfortunately have champagne taste on beer money. My neighborhood is a relatively historic part of town, on a lake. It is both quiet and peaceful. If I'm going to stay in the DC area for a bit, I have no intentions of leaving. Hickory Cluster is known for it's mid century design but I love the houses because of the giant windows. Any home which makes me feel as if I'm in Europe, sounds great to me. Whenever I walk through the neighborhood in the summertime, I catch myself humming The Cardigans under my breath. I imagine myself listening to all their albums, while living in my light strewn house, full of IKEA furniture, since I'll probably be house poor after the purchase. The above picture was taken in the 60's, so there's a lot more trees now.

I do not believe in endorsing products just for hell of it and that goes the same for people. Regardless of the relation. But the reason why you want my older sister as your real estate agent is because when you fall in love with a place and you want to float away on your daydreams of domestic bliss, she reels you in and pulls you right back down to reality.

She won't let you buy something which is overpriced or unaffordable in order to make a quick sale. And she refuses to shut her discerning eye even when I'm completely sold. I mean, look at all the faces she makes. Her face can't lie to you.
Though, I thought this house was a good place to call "home". One day, one day. . .

(PS - Are you in need of a good real estate agent? Abarber500 at aol.com. You'll thank me later).