Friday, December 12, 2008

Champagne Nibbler - Mr. Scruff

I attend parties during the holiday season every year. And every year, like the last, I absolutely dread it, the week before the festivities kick off. I'm so happy and jovial when I'm clicking "yes" to the Evites, which come flying in during the latter half of November. I wax poetic about the holidays, hanging out, being warm in cozy in someone's living room. The reality is that I'm not a fan of forced human interaction and awkward conversation making. (And sometimes I long for the perfect arm candy to bring along). But I am a fan of dressing up! Unfortunately, I never plan early enough into the season to come up with something which isn't entirely thrown together in the span of ten minutes. But this year, if money were no object, I'd go with this swell dress and any of these necklaces from Topshop .

(Photos: La Garconne and Topshop )


Peas said...

Agreed. So agreed.

And that dress is beautiful.

(I'll be your arm candy. I'll even wash my hair)

K.Line said...

I'm certain you're going to have the best, social-girl time! I'd love to go to a whole bunch of grown-up Xmas parties with gorgeous creative types talking about their latest "projects"!