Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Corsair - Boards of Canada

I haven't treated myself to something decadently materialistic in ages (although I do eat out far too much). Ever since my family declared it a "no presents" Christmas (that's when you know you're truly an adult), I've just lost a lot of interest in consumerism. I am generally unexcited about most of the items I spot in stores. Things blend together into this season and last season, pieces resemble that which I already have in my wardrobe, retail is fairly unexciting and what's worse, retail is suffering, as I'm clearly not the only one that shares that attitude during this time of recession. I've tried to stay away from the crazy sales in fear of impulse "but it's really cheap", purchases. Instead I take my influences (in this case Comme Des Garcons) and go to work on my sewing machine. I love the way this project turned out. I just have to get better at accepting praise when I tell people, I made it myself. I want to be that cool girl that smiles, winks and says "What? This? It was nothing. . . something I threw together with scraps". Instead of the girl who blushes deeply and meekly says "thank you".

I did get these new hair accessories (2) on sale for $4.99 at that place . It was a good deal being that they were originally $16.