Friday, December 26, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Over - Bent

Do not believe my family when we tell you, it's a "no present" Christmas. We are 100% full of shit. Every last one of us went out and purchased thoughtful presents. It's not even about spending money. . . it's about the joy you get when you see someone pleased with the present you've given them. (Okay, maaaaaaybe I do get a little kick out of spending money). But we didn't go all out like we have in the past. Okay, well some of us did (I didn't. . . and I felt like my presents looked really puny in comparison). Most glamourous present was given to me by Cornpuddin' who gifted me a set of rainbow coloured eyeliners and a tube of Diorshow mascara. And let me just tell you. Believe the hype. Because it really is that good. Even better.

Most humourous (yet still incredibly thoughtful) present goes to Ishe who got me some hoity toity tea and stuffed an envelop full of cash and coupons for my favourite local fabric store. Next year I'm hoping for coupons and food stamps. . . which will totally come in handy if I am living on my own at that point. She and Jamesy love giving me paper for Christmas. Last year, it was a print off of a pattern book I would be receiving in the mail from Amazon . They had cleverly written "I'm coming", on it. . . which is the often grumpy/snappy catchphrase which accompanies my constant tardiness.

Most generous present goes to Mum and Dad, who gave me some cash to put towards ballet. I'll certainly put that to good use.

Most jinxy (yup, I made that up), present comes from Jamesy who got me a J. Crew gift card. Little did he know, he'd be receiving the exact same thing from Cornpuddin' and I.

Most surprising present comes from that boy. The ballet book is beautiful. But let's talk about the socks. Socks. Not surprising in a bad way. . . but surprising because I actually love them. Didn't want to take them off all day, to be honest. Socks are something which seem rather safe, bland and a little on the impersonal side of things. (They're usually given along side high cut cotton underwear from your Grandma). But something about these socks felt strangely personal. (Perhaps because I know he's a sock enthusiast). All day as I wiggled my toasty toes in my boots, I kept thinking "I could get use to this cashmere blend business". Yeah, yeah, ten points for you. And with that, I'm happy Christmas is over. What a bunch of malarkey for one stupid day.


mermaid said...

how have i not seen your blog before? this is fabulous!! just what i like - the right amount of pictures mixed with your own personality. <333

I REALLY LOVE THOSE SOCKS!!! and all those gifts sound really great! our christmas was kind of similar. everyone got more "useful" gifts than in the past. usually it's all crap, but i actually got quite a few things that will come in handy.

thanks for your lovely comment.
is it okay if i like to you on my blog?

Annie said...

Those are awesome socks!

etoilee8 said...

Second day in a row of wearing the socks ladies. They're pretty amazing and I hate to give him that much credit :)

Mermaid, link away dear. . . we'll swap.

K.Line said...

You got some great loot! Are the socks cashmere?!?