Friday, December 5, 2008

Lotus Above Water - Telefon Tel Aviv

I believe that art is 20% about the artist and 80% about being relatable to the audience. Sure, an internal struggle projected on to a medium is wonderful for one's soul. . . but I think the audience being able to relate, only adds to the art. What I love about Nicholas Hughes' water photographs is that he captures H2O in a way which invokes specific days at the beach in my memory. No matter how many different ways I fiddled around with my F Stop, I just could never get the colour and light perfect. Somehow, he just does.

(Photos: Nicolas )


Anonymous said...

Those are really gorgeous photos. I don't know much about art, but I imagine they'd be great on a bedroom wall, as something nice and calm to look at whilst one is winding down.

jdp said...

Different times of day, different depths of water, different light levels captured by a masterful photographer... reminds me of my favorite water photo:

Annie said...

Wow, I've never seen s beach look quite like that. Beautiful