Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Strip - King Midas

I can never figure out whether Great Britain or the US is more guilty of endorsing spoiled, rock and roll offspring who have no real goals in life, besides being famous (because y'know, they're entitled to it). Well I'm pleased to admit, Britain, you have us beat. And Tatler, I love you, but I hate you for crap like this. I know that's your whole goal, congratulating the wealthy for being wealthy (as if they weren't self congratulatory enough), but did anyone ever tell you that agenda kind of sucks?

Great winter fashion trends? Ummm, wearing clothes, is a good start. You know how there's good naked and bad naked? This would fall in the category of "bad". I don't want to see any of these ladies naked. What is going on with their knees? Their legs look a tangled mess, like a game of Twister with a contortionist. Bad naked. Bad.

(Photo: D. Listed )


cornpuddin said...

Eww I can't believe the Tattler would promote any of these fame whores. They're just nasty!

Chubbs said...

i agree...BAD naked. At least Leah Wood looks somewhat soft and femme--the other two seem harsh and washed-out...or should I say drugged-out. No thank you ma'am.

jdp said...

I thought bad naked was that little piece of white flesh that pops out above my belt when I lean back after eating Thanksgiving dinner. Actually, that still is pretty bad. I think most of us would rather see Kimberly Stewart naked. Just saying.