Monday, January 26, 2009

Get Innocuous - LCD Soundsystem

When Cornpudding calls me gushing about fashion. . . I don't walk. . . I run to my computer. She rarely gets excited about fashionable luxuries (because she lives in NYC and feels constantly poor). Imagine my surprise when she rang in the middle of the day, gasping "you have to see the Alexander McQueen for Target photos". I know this is old news to many of you (but I've been out of the loop). There are some truly wearable items in this collection. In my experience, Target designer jeans are usually a good buy. And it's safe to say that because one fifth of my wardrobe is from Target, I can usually tell from the press photos which items are going to be a safe buy for me. Here's what I'll be diving after come next month. (I'm lucky because there's never much competition at my local Target so "diving" is a bit of an overstatement). But that jacket is pretty rad, and I expect it to leave the racks in a matter of days, providing they don't skip on the details.

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Peas said...

That blue dress is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I told you that line was going to be good :)

Ugly Fashionista said...

i love the blue dress too...and the chick in the pants, jans i think, anyways, i also loveee lcd soundsystemmmmmm, if you didn't know