Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heads Roll Off - Frightened Rabbit

Many of the wonderful men in my life often ask for my advice on what to wear and where to shop. I am honored by the fact that they consider me an authority on the matter, being that I'm not a man (and sometimes have a tendency to look like a fashionable train wreck). If it were up to me, you all would probably be fired from your day jobs with my picks. But who needs a stupid job when you have style?

To get an idea of what I like on a guy, I would say Oki-ni has the right idea. Maybe I've just been hanging out on Lulu's page too much or something, but I happen to to think Rick Owens, looks nice on all. And who doesn't love a Jil Sander bag? Go on Jamesy and stuff your laptop in that beauty in the bottom right. Matt observe for future Berlin dressing.

(Photos: Oki-Ni )


Matthew Jackson said...

thanks for the tip!!

Matthew Jackson said...

Hey wait. These prices are in pounds sterling! :x
Have any more practical options?

Matthew Jackson said...

They even have pants for you, Etoilee.

etoilee8 said...

Don't be hatin' cuz you can't touch this Matt.