Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paris (Aeroplane Remix) - Friendly Fires ft. Au Revoir Simone

Paris (Aeroplane Remix) - Friendly Fires

I have no inspiration these days. I am dry, empty, out. This seems to occur every winter it seems. I haven't been to Paris since I was fourteen. It's time to go again, as an adult. I am mildly enamored with this Secrets of Charm dress. It seems like something one would wear in Paris with some thick black tights and a leather jacket. Maybe I'm getting overly inspired by the sloppy knit beret the model is sporting and maybe I'll make my own version of this dress (since this is no longer available for purchase). And ta-da, there goes 5% of inspiration ladies and gentlemen. That's why I blog.

I do find these Petah Coyne sculptures to be uplifting and oddly beautiful. Coyne uses a variety of mediums for these victorian style masterpieces. Here's an example: Silk flowers, silk/rayon velvet, feathers, wooden cradle, chandelier, artificial birds, candles, specially formulated wax, acrylic paint, black spray paint, chicken wire fencing, metal hardware, plywood, felt, quick-link shackles, pearl-headed hat pins, pigment, thread, chain, jaw to jaw swivels, Velcro, wire, wood, cable, cable nuts.

If you left me alone with a room full of these ingredients, I highly doubt the result would be anywhere near as beautiful.

(Photos: Ravin Style and Galerie Lelong . . . suddenly, I miss New York. . . if only for a second).

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Chubbs said...

wait, did i just hear you mumble that you miss nyc? hmmmmm....