Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shall We Dance? - Gotan Project

But every time you sense the mental anguish of some girl telepathically crying out in pain, but smiling through it because goddammit, she feels beautiful and everyone in that darn ballet shop is smiling at her like a bunch of knowing slightly evil Cheshire Cats. . . well that my friends is the feeling of someone getting their first pair of pointe shoes. I gotta stop with the spending soon. See that snowboard behind me. . . yup, that too. (But I bought it from Salvation Army for $20). There's also an APC dress recently purchased, and a pair of APC jeans in the mail. My credit card is crying out in pain.

But I can't stop dancing around on my hard wood floors to Gotan Project (I'm sure my neighbors want to beat me senseless with my new heavy shoes). They may hurt but the pain is exquisite and . . . I feel beautiful, so who cares?!?! So I can check that off my list of "things I should do this lifetime".


K.Line said...

Beautiful turnout!

Fashion said...

how long have you been dancing?

etoilee8 said...

Thanks K.Line!

Fashion that's always a tough question because I was such a quitter when I was little. I'd say between 3-4 years perhaps?