Monday, January 26, 2009

Suddenly Everything Has Changed - The Flaming Lips

I know I was a bit of a poopy pants about the record number of people rushing into town to witness the historical moment . . . but . . . I realize, it was all pretty magical. How gorgeous is that family? The girls wore J. Crew , specially designed just for them. I sat in my living room, surrounded by family, we toasted with champagne and had a moment of silence for relatives who have gone before for us and couldn't be with us that day. I know somewhere, they were watching too. (And she gets teary eyed for the umpteenth time this week).

Around 3pm, I headed to the metro in order to get to the Creative Coalition ball where I spent my evening conducting interviews until the wee hours. Sometimes I get so stressed that I forget that I have a really cool job with amazing opportunities. I'm quite the chatty kathy, so talking to people is practically my second nature. The footage from this particular job will be used in an on air thirty second spot for a television network as well as on the network's website. I definitely found Susan Sarandon to be effortlessly charming. Before I started the official interview, we briefly chatted about not watching tv. I wish she were my neighbor. I bet she would loan you good books.

Last week was crazy busy. The big monday. . . a short film to be entered into a film festival and a stage managing gig. I feel like I haven't seen my family and friends in ages. I've also missed you guys. So without further adieu. . . back to fashion.

(Photos: . Please click on "historical moment" and prepare to be overwelmed)


Peas said...

Who is holding Ms Hathaway's purse? Is that her dad?

Lisa said...

what did you think of michelle's yellow (but greenish in some photos) outfit? I liked the fit, the sparkle, the jewelry, just not the color! I think it would have been better red or silver, what say you?

Chubbs said...

Can you believe Susan is in her 60s? Did she look it? In my book, she's timeless. And great breasts.

K.Line said...

Nice to see you again and I love that your footage will be used in a spot. Those little girls are the cutest, brightest kiddies I've seen in the public eye in like 20 years.