Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Carry On - Portishead

As the DC metropolitan grows more and more chaotic for this historical moment in history, I become more and more irate with the madness. I am sick of cops on every corner and roadblocks. I could do with less people standing in the middle of the street snapping photos (and not watching for oncoming traffic). And I'm a little annoyed with the local news for getting everyone so hyped up and frantic.

But most important and the most irritating of all, I am completely bewildered by the smug, self satisfied looks I get from strangers on the street, proudly grinning in my direction as if to say, "I voted for a black president, aren't you so proud of me?". I regret to inform you people that I ran out of gold stars, back in November. You're going to have to present an interracial baby, in order to receive a fist bump from me. So kindly step aside and carry on. End rant.

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typographic darling said...

Not that it is remotely the same, but Austin would fill up (and still does) every March with a ton of New Yorkers, Los Angelenos, and other major metropolitan area douchetards during SXSW. They parade around with their "authentic Texan" cowboy boots and bolo ties whilst drunkenly trying to pull rank in block long lines to check out the "Next Big Thing" (be it in music, film or interactive). Their presence in every bar, Mexican joint and swimming hole is the equivalent to a cock blocking a good vacation...unless you take advantage of free shit that goes on.

This just goes to say, I feel you. I'll be watching the inauguration online at the office. If anything, I hope you can enjoy the moment where Democrats officially take over!