Friday, February 27, 2009

Threads - Inlets

I haven't disappeared.
I haven't abandoned this blog.
I've just been super busy, working. "She works?" you say. Yeah, I heard that, smartass. Working hard indeed, on something very very special. Will explain when my pictures are unloaded. For now, enjoy this beautiful new line Masacva. Compliments of Ravin . I think I want it all. Actually, it just makes me want to get back behind my sewing machine. I want to make dresses galore in the next couple of days. Things I'll want to wear once it warms up. . .

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie

The other day, my secret admirer invaded my dreams. Since he decided to intrude and he clearly wasn't going anywhere, I accepted him happily and we were having a grand ole' time (as we always do). Suddenly I was nagged by a sound the "me" of my dreams, couldn't decipher. What is it? What is that wretched, irritating noise? Oh. . . it's my cell phone and I'm dreaming. I rolled over groggily and examined the culprit. "Have a good day at work, luv" - a text from my secret admirer. His ears must have been burning.

This morning, my father sent everyone in my family, this video.

Happy Valentines Day. . . hope it's a beautiful one. And if you're lucky enough to have a date today. . . wear something beautiful . . .

(Photos: Ann Sofie Back and Harputs Market )

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mille Lune Mille Onde - Andrea Bocelli

It all started as a joke. A terrible joke. My older sister went through this phase where she was obsessed with Italy (mostly the men). So every time these ads would make an appearance on our television, I would poke her and say "look, that's you". Then I would proceed to sing in falsetto made up Italian, while throwing my hands dramatically in the air. It became so popular in my family that we would all run to the television to catch the oddest ads on cable, since Mentos, the fresh maker. I guess they're not that odd. . . just the fantasy of many an American cougar. How's that for market research? I watch them now whenever I need a good chuckle.

Peas and my favourite bar happens to be a total cougar den and being that it is an Italian restaurant, naturally this song is on repeat every time we step in the door.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rue The Whirl - Boards of Canada

You will pay dearly for one of Calvin Klein's new rugs . . . but in some ways, it's okay, because a couple of them are miniature works of art and far cheaper than that $6000 painting of the clouds that I saw and wanted in Dulles airport the other day.

(Photos: Calvin Klein )

Running Boy - Frost

Do not ask me whether or not you should buy it, if it's A.P.C. If you're looking for the strength to resist, you've come to the wrong girl. Sure, I use to say "I don't get it. . . why is everyone so up in arms about them", until I got my first A.P.C. dress. Suddenly it all made sense. I feel a million bucks when I wear their pieces.

But when I look at these sneakers, I'm still a little perplexed by the enormous price tag attached ($140). They resemble many other pairs of retro Nikes, I've often seen in many a French flea market. But I'm sure, like all things APC. . . there's something really remarkable and understated about them.

(Photo: APC )

Fear (remix) - u-Ziq

In the top drawer of my largest IKEA dresser, you can find a list of resolutions (if you will) which I scribbled down on a piece of paper before 2009 began it's long and somewhat shitty run. Among that list, one of the resolutions is to "get back in the sky". It's funny that many of you have read this blog for about a year and no one ever wonders why I never go anywhere except for on the east coast. Sure, I wax poetic about London often, which might make you think I frequent. . . but those actions are similar to that of an anorexic waxing poetic about chocolate cupcakes. Happy memories of the past. But that's all about to change. Fears and phobia are particularly strange because no matter how you explain it to your listener, you always feel silly discussing it. My fear of flying came from one extremely turbulent flight to which I was alone, ever since then, flying results in panic attacks. But after therapy, positive thinking and a real need to see my beloved relatives of the South. . . I got back on a plane. And I'm happy I did it. Life sucks with phobias!

fear - u-ziq

I use to find these vintage Pan Am bags in every single thrift store I encountered. Now I never see them and the remakes are rather costly. Drat.

(Photo: Shop )