Saturday, March 7, 2009

Aren't You Glad, You're You? - Chet Baker

When I spotted these Dolce and Gabbana's in this month's Harpers Bazaar, I sighed loudly and showed my hairstylist. She nodded and said "uh-huh", as a parent would say to their two-year-old child with a speech impediment. If I were walking down the street tomorrow and I saw a lady sporting these little slices of heaven, I would contemplate pushing her into a back alley and stealing her shoes.

I can't even afford them but I'm pissed off that I can't have them (because they don't go up to a size 41). Can you imagine how awful I would be if I were some spoiled, wealthy woman? Aren't you glad I'm me? By the way, I'm back from New York, full of inspiration and feisty as ever.

(Photo: Luisa Via Roma )

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Anonymous said...

There Fierce I would love to have them in light light pink thats really my colour. And you went to NY how awesome is that I want to study and live there next year hopefully.