Thursday, March 19, 2009

Empty Streets - Late Night Alumni

Despite my best efforts to fit in with the locals in Miami (that is National Geographic 101, "always blend in with the scenery"), I just didn't have enough heels to be considered authentic, whilst roaming around at night. So I hopped my butt to Payless where the selection is red hot this season. I bought both pairs of shoes below. Alice and Olivia for Payless has some cute selections and what's not to love about these ruffly mary janes? When I came home, my mother rolled her eyes and said in a monotone voice, "What a surprise. You bought shoes". Darn tootin'.

(Photos: Payless )


Chubbs said...

first off, you look fab--love the jacket, love the shoes. in fact, MUST have the jacket...truly lovely.

2ndly, those purple shoes are NOT from payless...really??? They look great, but the real question is, how do they feel?

Peas said...

I love the purple ones. And seeing you wear that stripey dress reminds me that I have one sort of like it that I need to pull out from my closet and wear this summer. What I don't have is legs like yours.

K.Line said...

I think you look fantastic and I love, love, love those shoes!

Chubbs said...

did you see this? same shoes.