Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gone Are The Days - The Magic Numbers

The last few days in the DC metropolitan have been painfully dreary and drizzly. DC doesn't really have the charm of London which makes me smile when the weather is miserable. So instead, I find a movie to set the mood and get cozy. Edge of Love wasn't spectacular but it was entertaining and visually engaging. It reminds me of everything I love about the English. And while the WWII era was utterly depressing from every point of view, there is something quite remarkable about the resilience of human life.

The costuming was spectacular. It all made me want to rent a house in Wales one summer. Can you believe I only have one flowered dress in my entire wardrobe and that I don't own a single pair of practical rain boots? What a travesty!

(Photos: Topshop , Nordrom , Keep Calm, Carry On shop )

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