Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Under The Skin - Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew

Kells was the girl that I copied from the minute I arrived at "that place". Kells, with her long, elegant, lanky limbs looks good in just about anything. The girl can make a white American Apparel tshirt and Cheap Monday jeans look like the most divine outfit you'll ever want to own. I blame many of my favourite purchases on her influence. So naturally, when Kells says "pay attention to this", I sit up straight and listen. But $95 for tank top Kelly? I know, I know, I know Mr. Wang is great at perfect fit, key items, but $95 is a lot for jersey. Only the fit will tell, I suppose.

(Photos: La Garconne )


typographic darling said...

the perfect tank top has been hard to find and mr. wang offers an appealing version (not that I've justified one yet). I rock a two year old white tee from target these days, but express has nailed the loose, sheer tee if you're looking. $24 instead of $wang

and thanks for the kind words. ;)

Secretista said...

Nice stuff. I like, I like.