Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Annie Mae - John Lee Hooker

Demelza Hill's cheeky sense of wit forces me to have faith in the future of our planet. Most things she creates are not only practical but funny as hell (or at least worthy of a quizzical head scratch). For example the above jump suit is made out of cleaning rags. Annie Mae by John Lee Hooker is one of the most sultry blues songs I've ever heard. Ms. Hill has created one of the most sultry and practical jumpsuits known to man. Don't let it's clownish appearance, deter you. . . in this dynamic creation, it is possible for you to engage in immoral acts on your dining room table under the thin guise of "cleaning". Then, when you're done remove the jumpsuit and toss it in the washing machine. What's not to love? Housework has never gotten anyone this hot and bothered. . .until now.

And I can't even front like I don't love this plastic carrier bag knitted with. . . you guessed it . . . plastic bags. We need more designers creating items which bring a constant smile to the consumers face. Agreed? Check out her website for more fun products.

(Photos: Designer's website )

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Animal Chin - Jaga Jazzist

To visit NYC and not come across some sort of street art which is appealing to your eye, would be equivalent to ordering Chinese take out with your friends but refusing to eat up the fried rice. It may not be your thing, but if it's on your plate, you'll devour it up with zeal.

One Day - Bjork

I am so utterly disappointed and slightly disgusted by the Susan Boyle hysteria. My father made me watch the video and I'll admit . . . we were both touched by the magnificence of her voice. Les Miserable was the first musical my father took me to which didn't scare the shit out of me. (The first was Cats! No further explanation necessary). But all this malarkey about the moral message of judging by appearances?? The world will pretend they understand, only to forget precisely two minutes later when everyone goes wild over some awful piece of studio manipulated crap by a pop sensation with a hot set of abs and a questionable vocal range. Well frankly it all makes me a bit nauseous.

But then I unbrunch my panties, watch this video feel immediately better.

(I love how a couple of the kids really get into it, swaying their heads, Stevie Wonder style).

Ego Tripping At The Gates of Hell - The Flaming Lips

I'm back from nyc. Tired as always but somewhat cheerful because my gig went well and as usual, I acquired new duds (shopping ban be damned!). During my visit, I considered, resisted and re-considered before relenting and visiting the seventh layer of hell known as Topshop . Although I am the biggest naysayer of the apparel globalization trend, I had to go and see for myself if the fuss was justified. It wasn't. I will never jump on board with those that say that Topshop looks like Forever 21. The quality and fit of Topshop is infinitely better. But I found the prices to be absolutely outrageous. No, I will not pay $60 for a plain red cardigan with snap closures. And no I will not pay $135 for Office shoes. I don't care what anyone says, the prices are absurb and I laugh at anyone who thinks, "oooh what a bargain". I mean, isn't that the point of Topshop ? Why would I pay $135 for a Philip Lim inspired dress when I can wait for the actual dress to go on sale at an outlet for $160 and scoop it up?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shift Your Weight - Frost

My teacher tells us to "subtly shift our weight" when standing in passe. My ballet shoes, are starting to come apart. The insides are unraveling and it's really obnoxious when my toe gets stuck in the whisper thin lining. But secretly I'm excited that they're wearing out because it means I've actually stuck with something long enough to acquire new supplies. To me it's got the same excitement as a fresh tube of toothpaste. So the first thing I thought was "I want those shoes", from Bona Drag . But then I thought about the look my teacher would give me when she noticed I had studs on my feet. She's got a distinct "and who the hell are you?" look which she would be all too happy to bring out especially for the occasion. And I decided against them because I just got on her good side. I'd be foolish to screw it up now! Plus if I accidentally kicked someone, I'd draw blood.

(Photo: Bona Drag )

Monday, April 20, 2009

Heartbreaker - Metronomy

Happy monday! Yeah, right. There's is nothing like a rainy, gross Monday to make you feel wonderful. Here's a video by way of Cornpuddin' to cheer you up. Something about the english seaside and silly glasses always warms the most hardened parts of my heart. This photo by Garance Dore , for the blog titled "Monday Morning" sums up this morning for me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Blue - Emiliana Torrina

Apparently the backpack went out of style some years ago and nobody told me, as I continued to dutifully carry my multi-colored Eastpak . I actually am in love with my backpack. It's the "confetti" print which you could only buy outside of the US in the 90's.
Anyways, I still love that darn thing, though had you asked, I would have mumbled something about "practicality". While we all suspect that occasionally practicality sometimes kills the fun in the fashion world, I find the Eastpak's designer collaborations to be both fun and practical. I've been loving Eley Kishimoto ever since they took the reigns at Cacherel. I thought they worked wonders with the brand (which was looking a bit stale before they came on board). These backpacks are far from stale and far from cheap as well. But the wonderful thing about Eastpak is their lifetime warranty. (Which I have tested again and again and can attest to it's wonders). You'll expire before that bag does. Sounds pretty practical to me.

(Photos: Eley Kishimoto )

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stretch (You Are Alright) - Tortoise

The Acne outlet is now open so get on up there. . . because who doesn't need a pair of $42 socks? (All jokes aside their denim is pretty spectacular and on sale it's nearly affordable).

(Photo: Acne )

Monday, April 13, 2009

Barcelona - Guilia y Los Tellarini

Random fact: I have visited Barcelona over eight times in my life.

Yes, we (my family) like it just that much. And only in Barcelona could a flower market be this stunningly beautiful (and yet modern at the same time). The first time I arrived in Barcelona as an American adolescent, I was immediately floored by the gorgeous, tan, handsomely dressed people, the marbled airport and the smell of cigarette smoke through out that marbled airport. Looks like it's time for another trip.

(Photos: The Cool Hunter! )

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes - Paul Simon

I went over to visit Miss Bubble today and I was shocked to see that I'm not the only one interested in making cool shoes and bags. I did fall quite hard for Marais' basic, unfussy shoes. Not only do they come in a variety of brilliant colours. . . but they're also somewhat affordable (between $60-$75). I want all of these. Yes. ALL. OF. THEM.

And of course I immediately said "Isn't that Magic Molly?" It was.

(Photos: Marais USA

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chove Chuva - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

Can I have my own newsletter too now? Because the trench coat has probably been my most favourite staple in my wardrobe for a couple years now. It instantly smartens up any old outfit while still keeping the casual I-just-threw-on-my-clothes-and-left-my-house appeal. It looks vintage and modern all at once. I actually always think of the 60's when I see a trench. But if you're going to get one, please buy thrift. The thrift stores in suburbia are over run with them and they're usually a fair price (generally $10-$15). They're also already broken in and authentic looking. I find the trench coat works best if it looks a bit worn in. Plus buying thrift equals smaller carbon footprint and most of of us like the sounds of that. Make sure to get the length hemmed to fit you perfectly (it's very easy to yourself) and wear with plenty of scarves.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Colours - Hot Chip

How on earth did I miss these? (They've been out for some time now). Mugs are one of those things where everyone I know of has accumulated far too many through out the years. And sadly, most of them are ugly or promotional. We should ban the act of producing promotional mugs unless the design on them is minimal. Anywho . . . who wouldn't feel happy, waking up in the morning and drinking your french roast from one of these? See? Now you want one too. I knew it would happen!

(Photos: Heliotrope whom you carry a wide variety of colours as well as other Pantone products).

I'm Waiting For The Man - The Velvet Underground with Nico

Q: Elitism or Popularity?

A: Aiming for mass elitism.

God bless Jean Touitou, founder of APC .
Half pretentious, half joking (maybe), half serious, half elitist, whole heartedly French, that's for damn sure.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DOT - Gonzalez

Before I got this stupid cold, I use to spring out of bed and put this song on my stereo with the morning sun. It's quickly become a happy favourite of mine. Before I got sick, I went to the fabric stores with Peas and we spent a good five minutes marveling at the wide varieties of polka dotted fabric. I was trying to describe a specific dress I saw to Peas but I couldn't remember the designer. It was the blue dress. I am such a sucker for gathers. And now I know, the designer is Zucca . I've playfully called these pieces "Zucca dots".

(Photo: Creatures of Comfort . I tried to find a link to the Gonzales song to share. . . no dice!)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

La Dispute - Yann Tiersen

To the fashion naysayers that argue that fashion is stupid. . . well I just pray that they never get a whiff of these babies because I would have absolutely no argument to combat theirs. That's right friends, step right up. For the small and very practical sum of $550 you too can own a pair of "distressed" designer sneakers. By Golden Goose. . . a fable similar to the Emperor's new clothes. In the fable of the Golden Goose, the man kills the golden-egg-laying-goose and finds there's nothing inside the goose. In real life buying sneakers which are already dirtied for $550 might require you to look deep inside your soul and find that maybe there's nothing there as well.

Maybe I could start a business distressing sneakers for rich folk. Because clearly even in this time of recession some tasks are still far too tedious for the wealthy. . .

(Photo: La Garconne who just lost some points for thinking any of us would buy into this. . . really guys?).

Saturday, April 4, 2009

In The City - Chromatics

New York Stories (Episode 70) from ImJustSayin on Vimeo.

Lately I find myself explaining to people again and again why I hate New York. Kells believes I have a phobia because I'm usually genuinely enthused to hop back on the bus about five hours after my arrival (or whenever I've finished with my work day). It's not a phobia, per say . . . just a realization of what I can handle and what I cannot (at this very decisive point in my life). Public pooping. Cat rats. Need I say more? By way of Pretty Legit .

PS- Cornpuddin' you need to move. Your neighborhood is the free world of the cat rats.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Caribbean Temptress - GB

I won't lie. These days I'm feeling down. The sky is eternally grey, my jobs seem less and less. But nothing cheers me up like a trip to Target . I saw this Felix Ray clutch yesterday and while the whole of the collection didn't exactly appeal to me, this clutch almost came home with lil old jobless me. It's colours have a cool Caribbean vibe to them (actually the entire collection is quite seaside nautical). Thank god I stopped myself and remembered that I'm not a clutch girl. I carry far too much crap to ever be. My Anna Corinna tote is not complete without my cell phone, large Comme Des Garcon wallet, Burts Bees lip balm, i-Pod, giant headsets (good for ignoring unwanted suitors while walking down the street), a book, my moleskine and very often a catalog or two. And that's just the basics! What about you? Are you a clutch lover or a tote lover?

(Photo: Target )