Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Blue - Emiliana Torrina

Apparently the backpack went out of style some years ago and nobody told me, as I continued to dutifully carry my multi-colored Eastpak . I actually am in love with my backpack. It's the "confetti" print which you could only buy outside of the US in the 90's.
Anyways, I still love that darn thing, though had you asked, I would have mumbled something about "practicality". While we all suspect that occasionally practicality sometimes kills the fun in the fashion world, I find the Eastpak's designer collaborations to be both fun and practical. I've been loving Eley Kishimoto ever since they took the reigns at Cacherel. I thought they worked wonders with the brand (which was looking a bit stale before they came on board). These backpacks are far from stale and far from cheap as well. But the wonderful thing about Eastpak is their lifetime warranty. (Which I have tested again and again and can attest to it's wonders). You'll expire before that bag does. Sounds pretty practical to me.

(Photos: Eley Kishimoto )

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