Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Caribbean Temptress - GB

I won't lie. These days I'm feeling down. The sky is eternally grey, my jobs seem less and less. But nothing cheers me up like a trip to Target . I saw this Felix Ray clutch yesterday and while the whole of the collection didn't exactly appeal to me, this clutch almost came home with lil old jobless me. It's colours have a cool Caribbean vibe to them (actually the entire collection is quite seaside nautical). Thank god I stopped myself and remembered that I'm not a clutch girl. I carry far too much crap to ever be. My Anna Corinna tote is not complete without my cell phone, large Comme Des Garcon wallet, Burts Bees lip balm, i-Pod, giant headsets (good for ignoring unwanted suitors while walking down the street), a book, my moleskine and very often a catalog or two. And that's just the basics! What about you? Are you a clutch lover or a tote lover?

(Photo: Target )

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Peas said...

Tote lover! But wish I were a clutch lover.