Thursday, April 9, 2009

Colours - Hot Chip

How on earth did I miss these? (They've been out for some time now). Mugs are one of those things where everyone I know of has accumulated far too many through out the years. And sadly, most of them are ugly or promotional. We should ban the act of producing promotional mugs unless the design on them is minimal. Anywho . . . who wouldn't feel happy, waking up in the morning and drinking your french roast from one of these? See? Now you want one too. I knew it would happen!

(Photos: Heliotrope whom you carry a wide variety of colours as well as other Pantone products).

1 comment:

Lisa said...

it's true. I want one. I think this is brilliant. as an artist, this makes me mad that I didn't think of something like this. I could be fabulously wealthy from high-end mugs that cost me $1 a piece to make. but I will get over it... :)