Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shift Your Weight - Frost

My teacher tells us to "subtly shift our weight" when standing in passe. My ballet shoes, are starting to come apart. The insides are unraveling and it's really obnoxious when my toe gets stuck in the whisper thin lining. But secretly I'm excited that they're wearing out because it means I've actually stuck with something long enough to acquire new supplies. To me it's got the same excitement as a fresh tube of toothpaste. So the first thing I thought was "I want those shoes", from Bona Drag . But then I thought about the look my teacher would give me when she noticed I had studs on my feet. She's got a distinct "and who the hell are you?" look which she would be all too happy to bring out especially for the occasion. And I decided against them because I just got on her good side. I'd be foolish to screw it up now! Plus if I accidentally kicked someone, I'd draw blood.

(Photo: Bona Drag )

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