Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take Care - Hotchip


1. Spread out. Get comfy. Have a lot of stuff and let it be known if that person sits with you, it will be a tight squeeze.

2. Pretend to be asleep. Punctuate with drooling and snoring.

3. Feign craziness. You don't know how to do this? Use your imagination. Take your shoes off and clutch them to your bosom, possessively. Just the fact that your shoes are off is enough to make me pass up asking you to be my seat buddy.

I am off to the big city for most of the this week.
Today I am going to see this with my dear friend Seth. I am so lucky Seth invited me.
I will see them and their babies.
I expect to see her , though she may be busy.
Definitely need to see her as well.
Will as always miss her while I'm gone.

But don't worry, I'll try and keep myself on the blogging saddle.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Molten - Sky Larkin

People buy from Etsy because quite often the packaging is outstanding and there's something very special about wearing an item which someone clearly put time into crafting. Thank you for the headband Homako . . . it is stunning and already a favourite of mine.

Homako is not only talented, but also stylish and charming (sometimes you can tell simply by a picture). Staring at her flickr for too long is like gazing idly at a solar eclipse. You can't pull yourself away.

(Photos: my own and Homako's , hope she doesn't mind)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Reeling - Passion Pit

So up until the weeks before my birthday, I was sincerely concerned about my age and feeling well . . . 'old'. Peas frankly told me that I'd get no sympathy from her . . . and tough love is good for you. But what about all those things I thought I would have accomplished by this age? The book written . . . the house ownership. . . the steady meaningful loving relationship?

Fuck that noise. I'm young, bitches.

This video/song reminds me of my birthday week. Raucous, rowdy, crazy fun. Enjoy it as much as I do.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sleep To Dream - Fiona Apple

A friend of mine (and some of her fellow RISD students) started this delectable little project , where all summer, they encourage you to take pictures of your bed, before and after dreaming and write about your dreams. I really like the idea of it and I really love the voyeuristic thought of sneaking a peak at someone else's bed. I love photographing beds, I love photographs of beds. Somehow my bed (and bedroom) always comes across as tidier and nicer in photos but the coziness and comfort I enjoy cannot possibly be conveyed through a mere picture. Here we are, before and after I had a dream of flying. My flight phobia causes me to have flying dreams about three times a year. I think it's an internal prompt telling me to suck it up and deal.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get Myself Into It - The Rapture

Bad blogger! Bad! I know I've gone missing for a few days, but you must understand it was my birthday and I've been busy buying myself beautiful presents, receiving beautiful presents, drinking myself into a stupor and being naughty. My birthday has gone from one day (Tuesday) to a week long extravanganza and I'm loving it. Blogging will resume this weekend. But first, one last celebration tomorrow evening at an old favourite , with all my friends.

(All illustration by: R. Nichols )

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get Over It - Solid Gold

When I am feeling really incredibly crabby, nothing brings me greater pleasure than deleting people from facebook. Today's deleted acquaintance is a mother. A mother who talks of nothing on her stinkin' status updates but motherhood. As if she is the ONLY person who's ever had a baby and as if motherhood is what completely defines her as a person. Now mind you, I know I sound like a child hating twenty something. But for her every update about dirty diapers and missed nap times, I do not respond with an update about drunken belligerent nights and wild sex. Because, no one wants to hear about the same darn thing every time they sign on, no matter how riveting you may find the subject to be. After I finished my deleting, I dusted my hands off in a satisfied manner and bought this necklace . I felt like an itch had been sufficiently scratched.

(Photos: Lazy Oak )

Saturday, May 16, 2009

String Quartets No. 2 - Phillip Glas

Tonight I am going to see The Washington Ballet perform Wunderland and I am really looking forward to it. I'm wearing my new APC dress, Target necklace and Payless shoes. With this month's unpredictable weather, it's great to have cheap shoes in the event of a sudden downpour.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Morning Bell - Radiohead

Why isn't this a tea-shirt?

(Photo: Here by way of Xoomei first)

Why Not (Dub)? - Fantastic Plastic Machine

I love that the rubber shoe refuses to go away. My Melissa flats always win me compliments. Most recently, while running through the back alley to my ballet studio, dodging puddles, I heard a girl exclaim "those are cute", while pointing to my feet. I of course told her where to buy them (I love sharing the wealth). Perhaps if my Melissa's ever run out, these Kartell's by .normaluisa might be an adequate replacement. But the other day I also picked up these Vivienne Westwood/Melissa collaborations to try on in Saks Fifth Avenue, only to hear my Mum shout, "good grief those are ugly".

(Photos: Yoox and Melissa )

Thursday, May 14, 2009

High Heels - Ryuichi Sakamoto

This year my impending birthday fails to excite me and though I thought it would never happen, the very thought actually depresses me! The only cure for the blues I've been experiencing as of late is to watch something heart achingly beautiful and sad, have a good sob, pick my head off my pillow and call it a day. When one's favourite author and favourite composer, team up to create something so stirring and beautiful that I actually thought, "why yes, I could cry to this", . . . well to not be the first in line to see it, is really quite a shame. And maybe I'll buy another Ryuichi Sakamoto album, while I'm at it. Really get those tears flowing.

Tony Takitani is about a man who marries a woman who is obsessed with clothes and accessories (sound familiar?). When she dies suddenly (good lord, I hope not), he can't mend his broken heart, so he hires an assistant with the understanding that the assistant must dress in his wife's clothes. In the end, he realizes to move on, he must get rid of the clothes. So he does. In typical Murakami manner, it's a subtle yet sweet story. For another sweet, quiet Murakami delight, might I suggest South of the Border, West of the Sun? . Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some bawling to do.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Several Girls Galore - My Bloody Valentine

I have been craving a flower embellished headband for what seems like ages. For beautiful hand crafted items, the first place I turn is to Etsy . The choices really are endless, but here are a couple of favourites I've come across. I'm still not sure which one I'm going to get for myself! With my birthday coming up so soon (next week), I kind of want to rush order one so when I go out I can wear it, and it will allude to me like a big flashing arrow that says "this is the birthday girl, buy her a drink!"

The above headband is by Homako .

The Rosette Fascinator comes in every colour combination you would ever want.

And who doesn't love a splash of red in an unlikely place. By Holly Rae .

Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl - Broken Social Scene

Reason number 211 why the Obama's should seriously consider me as a back up babysitting option.

Monday, May 11, 2009

黒猫 - 小島麻由美

Hail to my alma mata. A school so awesome that when they hear an ethnic name, they make sure to cram you in a dorm with plenty of other ethnic sounding names . . . I suppose in an effort to "keep the peace" (though I'm pretty positive that sort of behavior is illegal in some places). As a result, I always and continuously found myself roomed with other black girls who dubbed me as the kooky girl. You know, the one who listens to Billie Holiday in the bathtub and sings along with the music. The one who has no music anyone would recognize in her collection. The one who wears weird clothes. The one who by the end of the year, you realized wasn't so kooky after all and perhaps maybe you liked her a little? Yup, that girl.

When the book Fruits arrived in my school post box I ran home and immediately devoured it. I carefully planted it on the coffee table in the common space I shared with my dorm mates, so they could see, maybe I wasn't so crazy after all. The book became a cult classic. When anyone had friends over, they would squeal in delight "where's the book?". Dazed Digital picked thirty Japanese youth to shoot their own self portraits via cell phone cameras. It reminded me of my college days and how books such as Fruits was a portal to another world for many of us.

(Photos: Dazed Digital )

My Weakness - Moby

Two companies I love coming together to collaborate. My cup runneth over . . .

(Photo: APC )

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tout Doucement - Feist

As if the French didn't already do plenty of things very right . . . they seem to keep coming out with new street wear blogs which become favourite's of mine. Currently, Nast keeps me daydreaming of book buying near the Seine and Rodin's Garden. The girl in the second picture has the perfect shade of peach trousers. I've been searching for a pair for this summer and finally settled on some purchased at the J.Crew outlet. I'm really not sure if I'm going to keep them because they're as not perfectly pleated as I would prefer. But we'll see. . .

(Photos: Nast, of course )

Mother - Blond Redhead

Dear Mum,

It's true! You are! I never thought a day would come when I would enjoy our conversations as much as I do. I secretly look forward to days where I have to get up super early for a job and I get to spend those precious morning moments, sipping my earl grey and talking with you as the sun rises. I love you.

- Me

(Photo: Postsecret )

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Can't come Quickly Enough - Scissor Sisters

Sometimes when someone contacts me out of the blue, it feels as if their ears must have been burning. I was telling Peas last night how much I missed Rupert and Abi (old bosses, old friends from the London days). As luck would turn out, they are coming to NYC at the end of May . . . and I can hardly wait.
Rupert and Abi are dynamic in the fact that they are a hilariously good time and I give them some credit for pushing boundaries in graphic design. These are shots from Rupert's show at "House of Propellers" on Clerkenwell Road (April 24- May 20). If you're hanging out in London with not much to do, I highly suggest you check it out.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Trophy - Bat For Lashes

Alec Wek wearing her special who-are-all-these-assholes, smirk.
Is it just me or have the attendees of the Met Ball completely 180ed in the last couple of years? Once upon a time, it would seem the Met Ball was an event geared towards fashion people (editors, designers, models, photographers), indie stars and fashion admirers (you know, the stars that take a chance and wear something ridiculous every now and then). This year no such luck. The bread and butter starlets who are usually quoted spewing some crappola about being most content in "jeans and tshirt" were out in full force and the result was frumpy and massively underwhelming (this is what happens when people try to look "artsy"). I know, I know, they're just fishing around for a magazine cover and it's their god given right to be so transparent . . . but that's exactly why I don't watch the Oscars.

(Photo: Fashionologie )

Angels and Albatrosses - Quantic

Waking up to the soft sounds of raindrops from my open window and giggles from my older sister and my Mum, is one of the most pleasant spring time experiences. It was utterly refreshing and definitely contagious (as I've been grinning all morning). Wedding dresses have started to arrive in the mail for my older sister (so far J. Crew has the monopoly) and we have finally started to get excited. This year has been filled with challenge and sadness for our household. As a matter of fact, if my mother cursed (and she doesn't), she might call this a "shitty year" (as I do). Sadly my sister's special day has been tossed to the wayside from it all. But we're all finally starting to get in "wedding mode". And when I stumble across dresses as gorgeous as the ones that Sarah Seven makes, I get a flush of excitement from the idea of being a bridesmaid.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Please My Favourite, Don't Be Sad - The World/Inferno Friendship Society

My local Barnes and Noble is comparable to an old boyfriend I am no longer in love with. It offers a warm, safe coziness that is simply irreplaceable. The recollection of reading month old copies of Tatler and Wallpaper* while sipping a chai latte from Starbucks sit nestled in the part of brain while files away happy memories. Sadly, I am no longer in love with the stale magazine section. What's worse, when I visit NYC and see the selection in all the different corner stores, I feel like I am cheating, even though I usually just look ("there's no harm in looking", says Either way, there's no way I could ever get a copy of Acne Paper . . . so I fear a break up is imminent.

(Photo Images: Dazed Digital )

Alpha Beta Gaga - Air

I credit my life in London with my education in true graphic design. Before I arrived in the middle of East London I had no idea how vast and minimal it could be.

(Bags from Alphabet Bags )

Get Ta' Steppin' - Hi Tek Ft. Mos Def and Vinia Mojica

Free wine, while shopping? That's a little something I like to call "multi tasking". New York girls, get in there.