Monday, May 11, 2009

黒猫 - 小島麻由美

Hail to my alma mata. A school so awesome that when they hear an ethnic name, they make sure to cram you in a dorm with plenty of other ethnic sounding names . . . I suppose in an effort to "keep the peace" (though I'm pretty positive that sort of behavior is illegal in some places). As a result, I always and continuously found myself roomed with other black girls who dubbed me as the kooky girl. You know, the one who listens to Billie Holiday in the bathtub and sings along with the music. The one who has no music anyone would recognize in her collection. The one who wears weird clothes. The one who by the end of the year, you realized wasn't so kooky after all and perhaps maybe you liked her a little? Yup, that girl.

When the book Fruits arrived in my school post box I ran home and immediately devoured it. I carefully planted it on the coffee table in the common space I shared with my dorm mates, so they could see, maybe I wasn't so crazy after all. The book became a cult classic. When anyone had friends over, they would squeal in delight "where's the book?". Dazed Digital picked thirty Japanese youth to shoot their own self portraits via cell phone cameras. It reminded me of my college days and how books such as Fruits was a portal to another world for many of us.

(Photos: Dazed Digital )

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