Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get Over It - Solid Gold

When I am feeling really incredibly crabby, nothing brings me greater pleasure than deleting people from facebook. Today's deleted acquaintance is a mother. A mother who talks of nothing on her stinkin' status updates but motherhood. As if she is the ONLY person who's ever had a baby and as if motherhood is what completely defines her as a person. Now mind you, I know I sound like a child hating twenty something. But for her every update about dirty diapers and missed nap times, I do not respond with an update about drunken belligerent nights and wild sex. Because, no one wants to hear about the same darn thing every time they sign on, no matter how riveting you may find the subject to be. After I finished my deleting, I dusted my hands off in a satisfied manner and bought this necklace . I felt like an itch had been sufficiently scratched.

(Photos: Lazy Oak )


phung said...

thank you for this awesome accessories site!! hot damn.

Peas said...

Yes! So when I go on a rant you can just point towards your neck.