Thursday, May 14, 2009

High Heels - Ryuichi Sakamoto

This year my impending birthday fails to excite me and though I thought it would never happen, the very thought actually depresses me! The only cure for the blues I've been experiencing as of late is to watch something heart achingly beautiful and sad, have a good sob, pick my head off my pillow and call it a day. When one's favourite author and favourite composer, team up to create something so stirring and beautiful that I actually thought, "why yes, I could cry to this", . . . well to not be the first in line to see it, is really quite a shame. And maybe I'll buy another Ryuichi Sakamoto album, while I'm at it. Really get those tears flowing.

Tony Takitani is about a man who marries a woman who is obsessed with clothes and accessories (sound familiar?). When she dies suddenly (good lord, I hope not), he can't mend his broken heart, so he hires an assistant with the understanding that the assistant must dress in his wife's clothes. In the end, he realizes to move on, he must get rid of the clothes. So he does. In typical Murakami manner, it's a subtle yet sweet story. For another sweet, quiet Murakami delight, might I suggest South of the Border, West of the Sun? . Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some bawling to do.


Linda said...

added the film on my netflix...looks/sounds amazing!

K.Line said...

When's your bday Aja? I think you are fabulous and you should enjoy that day and all of your great successes. After all, you've done some fascinating work, lived in some awesome places and you have a fantastic family. Only reasons for joy!