Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sleep To Dream - Fiona Apple

A friend of mine (and some of her fellow RISD students) started this delectable little project , where all summer, they encourage you to take pictures of your bed, before and after dreaming and write about your dreams. I really like the idea of it and I really love the voyeuristic thought of sneaking a peak at someone else's bed. I love photographing beds, I love photographs of beds. Somehow my bed (and bedroom) always comes across as tidier and nicer in photos but the coziness and comfort I enjoy cannot possibly be conveyed through a mere picture. Here we are, before and after I had a dream of flying. My flight phobia causes me to have flying dreams about three times a year. I think it's an internal prompt telling me to suck it up and deal.


Chubbs said...

is that 3-dimensional wallpaper you've got there? i want that. I wish you were here...there's a walk i want to take and i want you to go with me (sappy, I know) see this 3-dimensional wooden ceiling in a shop/gallery in Soho.

ambika said...

I rarely remember my dreams but tend to have recurring themes: water, empty houses, and shopping. Strange, I know.