Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Lulu - Stereolab

A couple weeks ago I found myself locked out of my fitting room while wearing this hip little romper in one size, too small (my mistake, though I have a feeling all sizes might have been too small for shapely hips). The fabric pulled in the most horrible of ways across my thighs. As I called out to the sales assistant to rescue me and shield me from the customers who were walking by and stifling their snickers, I was hit with the thought that maybe this was a message from the gods urging me not to take myself so seriously.

(Photo: UO )

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Chubbs said...

or a sign that you looked beautiful--regardless of the ill-fitting romper. btw, i've decided rompers are ill-fitting on most people. i wore one to the laundry mat last night and felt exposed and uncomfortable.