Monday, June 29, 2009

Fashion - Lady Gaga

I don't love Lady Gaga for the virtues of her music, oh heavens no. But I do love her for being unapologetically ridiculous (in the most fantastic of ways). What fun she must have when she rises in the morning, yawns, stretches and thinks, "Pants or no pants? Hat made out of horse hair or no hat?" Somehow I just know she would be equally as entertaining in person. One of the biggest misconceptions of people who dress "high fashion" (yes, I just did the finger quotes), is that they take themselves rather serious. I think that derives from the rest of the world being a bunch of haters. You have to really not take yourself too serious to step out your front door in a hat which looks like a flying saucer made of hair.

(Photo: Dlisted )


Liberty London Girl said...

So true! can you imagine having that much insouciance?! LLGxx

Peas said...

Hahaha....pants or no made my morning with your wittiness, and I think having a sense of humor about oneself like you say is aboslutely priceless.
Personally I think her hat looks like a tasty focaccia.

vina said...

Let's not forget her teacup.