Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fight Test - The Flaming Lips

Confrontation ain't my scene.

All my life I have played the role of the passive black girl. Which is another fun hollywood cliche. Either loud and totally abrasive or wise, quiet and secretive. Or a combination of loud and abrasive while totally unaware how wise they can be sometimes.

Generally I don't mind drunk people. The guy that ate the cement in the grass near Peas and my feet recently was rather amusing. As a matter of fact, he gave us a good ten minutes of laughter, the way he haphazardly tumbled into the grass like a domino. I liken drunk people to less charming toddlers. And that's all fine and dandy, until you throw your cup like a mad man and beer splatters on my new and beautiful shoes. The idea of someone spilling a drink accidentally is grating. The idea of someone tossing a cup is down right obnoxious. So, if you ever get the urge to toss your cup in the air and it lands somewhat on my new beautiful shoes, I may just walk up to you and with both hands, push you back. You will look up in disbelief that some girl in a dress and tall wedges has pushed you. I'll walk away and while you are still pondering "did she really just push me?" The answer is "yes".

Shoes: Boutique 9 by way of Nordstrom Rack. Aren't they great?


cornpuddin said...

OMG Did they have any more of those in a size 8.5/9? Let me know!

etoilee8 said...

I think I got the only pair Cornpuddin'. I'll take an extra peak next time I'm there just for you. But if you have shoes this tall as well, how am I suppose to look you in the eye when we're speaking?

-h said...

ou those are really amazing!
yuck! about the drunks. i guess it's better than throw-up though.