Sunday, June 14, 2009

Minor Swing - Django Reinhardt

As I sat in the back of the cab, impatiently tapping my foot while watching the meter climb, I realized I wasn't particularly nervous over the idea of being late. Lateness was one thing (for me, it's a reoccurring life theme). But these nerves, were more excitement than anxiousness. As I sat across from you at the cutesy Italian restaurant on Bleecker happily eating fried artichokes from your plate, it was that moment when I realized, why yes, I could get use to having you around.

The more I date or put myself out there (for lack of a better, overly used cliche), the more I realize, how wonderful you are. You are total dose of joyful, pick-me-up every time we hang. So, if we're still thick as thieves by then, let's do this next year. I'll wear a pretty dress and you'll wear something equally as awesome.

(Photos: The Sartorialist )

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