Monday, June 22, 2009

Nu Baya Roots - Build An Ark

Horrifically ugly or awesomely badass? I'm about two seconds from buying but I really can't decide. Your call.

(Photo: )


Annie Spandex said...

Ehhhhh, like you I'm a little confused...!

K.Line said...

With these, it's all in how you wear them IMO. I might go for grey, if they have them.

Lisa said...

I think I like the fringe, but I just don't like it the sandal form. I wish it had a little heel of some kind. I want to be into them, but I'm on the fence. so, typically if I am on the fence, I move on and find something else...

Peas said...

I think this guy wears those shoes when he goes to the beach: wears
So maybe you should just throw in the towel and get this instead:

cornpuddin said...

Peas you are so weird!

Sister Wolf said...

Oh god, just say no! Trust me on this one, I am begging.

etoilee8 said...

My you lot are a spirited bunch lately.

Annie, I do find them confusing.

K. line, they would look cool in grey! But the yellow is what attracted me.

Lisa, I think there's something off with the sandal form too, they might make the wearer look sort of stumpy.

Peas, your imput leaves me speechless. Smartass.

Cornpuddin', she's just like you, meaning she thought your falling off a vacuum cleaner on wheels drunk was the most beautiful thing ever.

Sister Wolf, I can hear your begging through the screen.

The verdict: NO.

Why? Because I have too many effin' shoes already :) And these are too iffy and much too trendy.