Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pièces Froides #1 (Airs A Faire Fuir) - 2. Modestement - Erik Satie

He lumbers like a burly bear. He is quiet and speaks only when deemed necessary. If you push his buttons enough, you might get a roar. He will keep your secrets for a lifetime so those around him feel free to to whisper them to him. He is masculine in every way and was once a great basketball player. He is a hippie at heart, then, now and forever more. He believes that Birkenstocks and cargo pants are acceptable for every occasion (even weddings). But yet he gets teary eyed watching Audrey Hepburn movies and sends me emails like this:

I first saw this movie when I was young. I watched it on the TV at Grandmom B's house. I was probably 9 or 10 or maybe even younger. It is the movie that created my love for Paris. And also the movie that first acquainted me with Audrey Hepburn. Throughout my life, neither has ever disappointed me.

I love you (older sister). I love you (me). And, I love you (younger sister).


Happy Father's Day.

(Photos: IMDB )

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Peas said...

Aww...that made my eyes well up.