Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sentimental Walk - Vladimir Cosma

Tonight, I showed Peas my latest fashionable desire by Love Our Stuff and she agreed it was gorgeous. But then she laughed light heartedly and told me I was born twenty years too late. Clearly I would have had fun getting into trouble, in the eighties.

Now I can't stop thinking about one of my favourite films, Diva. Diva is the tale of a young man, who's in love (some people say "obsessed",) with an opera singer. His obsession leads to heaps of trouble. Romance, gangsters, hot (mess) eighties fashion and motorcycle chases . . . something for everyone! Though the story is action packed, the love that blossoms between this skinny white French kid and an older African American diva chanteuse is about as endearing as they come and will warm even the most cynical of hearts. As soon as I start collecting an income again, Diva is at the top of the list of movies I should own. But for now I'll leave you with a piece of cinematic eye candy which will leave you not doubting this film's cult following.

(Photo: Pixie Market and here )


K.Line said...

Eeeek. I remember this movie was all over StarChoice TV when I was 15! (At least I think that was the timeframe.) It was so good in that French way.

etoilee8 said...

It is so so very good. K. Line how is it possible for us to love so many of the same things? :)