Wednesday, June 24, 2009

White Gold - Metric

I realize I haven't posted as many outfit photos as I did in recent years. Mostly because this summer, I've tightened the purse strings (slightly, veeeeery slightly) and I've also taken to unleashing my inner art teacher, meaning I dress in layers upon layers. And what could possibly be easier than monochromatic layers? I beamed when I rehashed the story to my father of the older gentleman in Starbucks who walked up to me and said "I would love to know where you shop. For my wife you see, I think you look very nicely pulled together". I didn't hesitate to rattle off everything:

Dress- Theory (outlet)
Sweater - Anthropologie (on sale now)
Headband - Etsy

My dad didn't hide his laughter.
"Does that mean you look matronly?" he asked with a smile?

Nope. That means a compliments a compliment and I never look a gift horse in the mouth.

(Notice: No hands to face, Sister Wolf )


Sister Wolf said...

What a wonderful complement! You do look incredibly elegant in these pics. I hate this phrase, but you actually look "effortlessly chic."

Peas said...

You look lovely, my dear.

cornpuddin said...

ahaha leave it to poppy to tell you the guy was saying you look matronly. Loves it! But you don't look matronly just like an art teacher with expensive taste :)

K.Line said...

Aren't you gorgeous in this outfit!