Sunday, July 12, 2009

56 - µ-Ziq

I can see you rolling your eyes in disgust at my predictability. I never said I wasn't a sucker for t-bar shoes. And I certainly never said I wasn't a sucker for mint green. And I never think anyone can have enough flat shoes. Plus I think chocolate and mint green is a fantastic colour combo. I know at least one of you out there is thinking of ice cream, right now. Ambika, feel free to back me up with this one. You know you love them. They have your name all over them too. For some odd reason, you were the first person I thought of when I saw these. I can see you wearing them in your new place.

I picked this song/title because last time I counted, I had more than 56 pairs of shoes. Meaning: put that credit card away.

(Photo: From Shop Ruche , which is a great little site with pretty decent prices).


Mads said...

icecream- that's hat I thought too!! cute shoes, the color is very pleasing to the eye.. Hey thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see you again soon..=)

ambika said...

Aw, love these! I'm a *huge* sucker for a t-strap--I don't actually allow myself to buy them anymore.

Love the sandals you posted earlier too.