Sunday, July 19, 2009

Any Fun - Coconut Records

The funny thing about intense experiences is that in the moment, they always seem incredibly painfully intense and in retrospect, your mind can never recreate the intensity. This week I moaned about how exhausted and sore I was from ballet all day every day. But now it seems like such a good thing. Such a change of pace and such a positive experience.

Needless-to-say I've had fun. Last performance is tonight then it's back to real life. Until I return, here's a video featuring Chloe Sevigny doing what she does best: being cool as a cucumber.

I love myself some triple 8 video footage. There's a rustic quality to it which is always fantastic.


Irene said...

Your blog is so cute ^^
I ove the video and the old-feeling it gives. She is so pretty : )

vina said...

I love me some Coconut Records. I got the Davy album on Amazon for two bucks! Winners!

Also, I want to see you in your pink getup.

Peas said...

You were an adorable ballerina yesterday. Plus I had a sweater like the one miss Sevigny is wearing in high school. I looked like a damn fool, but of course she looks cute as a button. Always. I love her.